Challenges and Enhancements

Versa Valve Challenge


The winning robot(s) in each division must be unique in its classification and complete two successful runs while using the Versa Valve. ($250 cash prize)

Spirit of the Inventor


One robot will be selected as the most inventive and most creative design concept. Overall robot performance is not relevant. ($100 cash prize)

North American Awards


Teams must originate from countries that lie north of the Panama Canal. The top NA robot in Levels 1, 2, and 3 who have completed three successful runs with the lowest total score ($100 cash prize).

Connecticut IEEE Award



The IEEE Connecticut Chapter will judge and select one Connecticut robot from each division. Overall robot performance is not relevant.  ($200 cash prize)

Tiny Robot Contest


One robot that completes three runs and measures the smallest area of projection, including chassis, sensors, wires, and all appendages.  ($100 cash prize)

Poster Presentation


Robot teams share a visual display of their robot's construction, from brainstorming sessions and practice rounds to the final design. ($200 cash prize)

Challenges and Enhancements

These special challenges and enhancements help diversify the contest and draw attention to aspects greater than just winning in the contest arena.  The prizes are paid in cash to help fund future creativity by the robotics programs and student-engineers.