Olympiad Exam


Professor Igor Verner of the Israel Institution of Technology and Dr. David Ahlgren of Trinity College collaborated to create the first-ever Olympiad Exam in 2002. The exam has been given annually since then. Participants may compete in the 50-minute exam working independently or as a team. Guidance from supervisors is prohibited. All responses must be written in English.

Individuals and teams are invited to participate in the exam. One winner will be selected in each category: Junior Team, High School Individual, High School Team, Senior Individual and Senior Team.  Question for the Olympiad Exam will be based on material from two introductory robotics textbooks:

1. David Alciatore and Michael Histand, "Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems", McGraw Hill, 2011, ISBN-13, 978-0073380230

2. Maja Mataric, "The Robotics Primer", MIT Press, ISBN 97802626335